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Why Vaping is better than smoking

Why Vaping is better than smoking You might have already noticed the large neat clouds people produce when vaping. Well, apart from that pleasurable clouds, there are several other reasons for people to prefer vaping over Why Vaping is better than smokingsmoking. This article emphasizes four reasons why vaping is better than smoking. We aren’t saying it healthy just less harmful then smoking.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the practice of inhaling an aerosol. This aerosol is commonly known as vapor. To perform vaping, you need a specially designed e-cigarette which is powered by a battery. Most of the vapers vaporize e-liquids. You can purchase these e-liquids from reputed UK based sellers like value vapes Darwin. However, some vapors vaporize special waxy substances and herbs too. The vaporizer emits gases by heating the vaping materials. Generally, this vapor comes with better thickness and emits a better smell.

Benefits of vaping

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable benefits associated with vaping.

· Vaping is safer than smoking

Technically, vaping ‘heats’ the substance to emit vapor. However, in smoking, the substance is burnt to generate a smoke. The different between a smoke and a vapor is significant. Compared to a vapor, smoke associated with a variety of health risks; combustion of any substance result in creating hundreds (if not thousands) of toxins. As per the studies, a cigarette smoke consists of thousands of toxic substances. About 75 of those toxins can cause cancer.

When it comes to vaping, however, the amount of toxins released are significantly less. Non-combustible nicotine substances are safer than its “combustible version”. Some studies suggest that vapor has 95% less toxins compared to smoking.

· Vaping looks and feel cooler than smoking

The way the people respond to smoking is not cool at all. As soon as you light up a cigarette, they will start to hint that they are really disturbed. Most of the people cannot tolerate the burning smell of the nicotine. Apart from that, you will have to be cautious with ashes too; you should always hold an ashtray, particularly when it comes to social smoking.

However, vaping is a pretty cool-looking practice compared to smoking. You don’t need to worry about finding ashtrays to vape. The vape looks really cool and the feeling is more pleasant compared to a smoke. Again, this is because you don’t burn the substance; instead you heat it.

· Vaping tastes better

The taste of the burnt nicotine is not that pleasant (though many of us have got used to tolerate it somehow). However, compared to the conventional burning tobacco smell and taste, vaping is much better. As we believe, better taste can be expected from heated substances compared to burnt tobacco. A seller like value vapes offer a range of e-liquids with a variety of tastes to the delight of vape lovers.

More importantly, if you use an e-liquid from a reputed seller like value vapes, you can completely stay away from tobacco smell and enjoy a more tasteful vapor.

Now after all this is Vaping actually safe. There is so much conflicting research we will leave this up to an individuals decisions.

It is always better to purchase your e-liquid from a reputed vendor like value vapes. Such seller offers better overall quality with good taste and feel.