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Vegetable Glycine or VG as its known in the Vape Business.

Are you having problems with a leaking vape? Do you prefer your juice to be a bit thicker to prevent leaking, but enjoy a particular brand that has a low VG content? FYI Vegetable Glycine and Vegetable Glycerine is the same product.

Vegetable Glycine or vegetable glycerine

Our Vegetable Glycine has you covered!

Vegetable Glycine is used in vapes as a thickening agent, while PG is used to carry the flavour concentrate. There are a lot of little things you can do to prevent you vape leaking, like closing the air intake while you sleep, purging the tank before using it, and regularly changing the coils before the cotton has been depleted. A quick and simple solution is to add a little bit of VG to your juice.

Most vape juices come with a 1:1 ratio of VG and PG which can be a little too viscous. By add more VG to your juice you can make it thick enough to not leak through the cotton and out of the air intake.

Heaps of Other Uses.

Vegetable Glycerine is used in a lot of areas of our lives. It’s used in frozen produce to prevent ice crystals, in cookie dough as a filler, as an artificial sweetener that doesn’t feed the bacteria that causes plaque and cavities, and is in a lot of skin care creams and soaps. About a decade ago, you would even find it being used in car engines as an anti-freeze.

VG really is a bit part of our everyday lives, and it can be the saving grace of your vaping experience.

Vapes are a great way to quit smoking. Unfortunately, a lot of people give up on using vapes because of the hassle of leakage. It would be a crime against your body to go back to smoking when you can simply address the leaking issue with a very cheap and very easy method. VG.

So don’t give up on your vape. Don’t put aside your favourite flavours. Get yourself some VG and fix your habbit!