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18650 Batteries For Vapes , Bikes and Solar

18650 Batteries What Are They Used For?

Are you looking for a reliable battery for your vape? You have come to the right place. Value Vapes offers the 18650 battery that is the most common in the vaping world.

Let’s walk you through some vital information about the 18650 battery.

18650 Batteries For Vapes , Bikes and Solar
18650 25r Batteries Multiple Uses

18650 battery

It is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 3.7v. It has between 1800mAh and 3500mAh. There are two types of this amazing battery: protected and unprotected 18650 battery.

What factor do you consider when buying a battery for your vape? Its size, right? However, you should consider other elements as well. Are you wondering why? Because a battery affects the functionality of a vape and can considerably extend its lifespan.

That’s why you should opt for the 18650 battery. It has become the industry standard for vapes. A vast majority of mods are compatible with the 18650 battery. You have every reason to trust this type of battery because it is extensively tested for efficient and safe functionality.

Other boxes that you can tick for an18650 battery are good capacity, high current rating and voltage, and comfortable operating temperature.

Other uses of an 18650 battery

  1. Laptops Some laptops use the 18650s. However, because these are thicker than the modern flat laptop batteries, they are not widely used in laptops now.
  2. Remote control toys did you know that the best electric powered toys used 18650 batteries? You can make packs of these, and you will have so much power that you can run a robot on it.
  3. Electric bikes you can enjoy a noiseless ride on an electric bike that uses 18650 batteries. You can convert your bike into an electric one by making a pack of these miracle batteries at home. Just connect it to your bike and ride away.
  4. Flashlights Rather than using smaller cells, you can put the 18650 battery and have a fully functional and durable flashlight.
  5. CamerasThere area few cameras that are using the 18650 battery packs. The size is ideal to fit in the camera, and the power lasts through many photos.
  6. Powerbanks It’s frustrating if your phone runs out of battery when you are having the time of your life in a remote location. Power banks are saviors. Most durable power banks use 18650 batteries.
  7. Chainsaws An electric-powered chainsaw is a handy device. Using an18650 battery, you can have a portable chainsaw without having to worry about gas intake, oil spillage, etc.
  8. Lawnmowers A robotic lawnmower uses 18650 batteries, produces negligible noise, and costs less. If you are fond of keeping your garden in good shape, such a lawnmower is good for you.


That’s it, folks. Now you know that 18650 is worth your money. It will provide great bang for your buck. It will also allow you to depend on the gadget without any worries as long as it uses a 18650 battery.

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