Want to know How do vapes work
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How do vapes work?

Do you want to stop smoking cigarettes? Value Vape sknows exactly what you need to overcome the addiction. It would help if you switched to vaping. A vape is a small device that can provide you with a nicotine alternative.

Want to know How do vapes work
Priming The Cotton

A vape runs on a battery while heating nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. It turns them into a vapor. Vaping reduces the effect of second-hand smoke.

However, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience the effects of a drug. How do vapes work?

No Nicotine In Australia

Complete System

Vapes work as a complete system. The components include a battery source called the vape mod, a heating element known as the coil, and a small chamber named the atomizer. There is a mouthpiece as well. The vape mod powers the coil that then vaporizes vape juice into the atomizer. The user then inhales the vapor using the mouthpiece.

When you inhale the drug molecules, they land on the lungs as they provide a large surface area. These molecules pass into the blood while bypassing the digestive system. Then it takes about 5 seconds for the effects of hitting your brain.

This is just as quick as ingesting a substance. How to vape? Let us give you a beneficial tip. Buy a simple vape. Because It is not inferior to an advanced or complex device, it is easy to use. You can start by getting a basic vape starter kit. You will have a few categories to choose from depending on your preference of a prefilled, refillable, or disposable cartridge.

Then you should choose the best vape juice for your kit type. You can select the flavor that appeals to you and then choose the nicotine levels according to your preference. If you intend to leave smoking and choose to vape instead, you should start by going from high nicotine to low. This is just a friendly suggestion as this will help you overcome your addiction without an abrupt cut off of the nicotine supply. How to inhale?

How Vapes Work With Different Inhaling

The way you inhale when vaping for the first time can be a make-or-break experience. CAUTION: Incorrect inhaling can lead to coughing or an obnoxious nicotine rush. There are two inhaling techniques. Let’s take a look at both of them.


•Slowly suck vapor into your mouth just for a few seconds

•Keepthe vapor in your closed mouth for a couple of seconds

•Open your mouth and breathe the vapor into your lungs (Don’t swallow)

•Exhale once the vapor reaches the lungs

2.Direct lung

•Quickly suck vapor into the lungs directly

•Exhale vapor immediately

Rule of thumb: Mouth-to-lung is better for high nicotine dosage, while direct lung draw is more suitable for low nicotine dosage.

Conclusion That’s a wrap. Now, you don’t only know how vapes work but also a couple of inhaling techniques that will help you in becoming a better vaper. Check out our collection of vapes and buy your favorite one now or visit our shop at 4/63 Winnellie Road Darwin.