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Vandy Vape Apollo Kit

Do you need a new vape because your last one broke? Did your vape break because you’re a little clumsy from time to time? Or maybe it got a little wet when you got caught in the rain. If this sounds like something that happens to you, you might want to look at getting a vape that can stand up to being pushed to its limits.

Vaporizers can be a little delicate. They are mostly made of metal parts which can make them ridged, and prone to breaking when dropped, much like your mobile phone. Also like your phone, you can get rubber and silicone covers to help protect them when they fall, absorbing some of the shock. This is what makes the Vandy Vape Apollo stand out from the crowd. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof!

Don’t let your delicate vape cause you stress. You have enough delicate technology to worry about, you don’t need another fragile item in your pocket.

Vandy Vape Apollo is wrapped in a firm silicone that will protect it from damage when dropped, but also acts as a waterproof barrier. This makes the Apollo vape one of the most versatile vapes on the market! You can take it fishing without worrying about water. Or take it to work without worrying about it falling out of your pocket. You can take it to concerts and not be worried about it joining the mosh-pit.

The only fragile part of the Vandy Vape Apollo is the glass on the tank. That’s why this kit comes with a spare glass for emergencies. However, this vape was designed with that in mind, which is why the mod is wider than the glass tank, offering protection.

An Apollo Kit comes with a 1.5 and 1.8 ohm coil, and the mod can go up to 4V.

Vandy Vapes Apollo Kit Includes:

1 x APOLLO Mod

1 x APOLLO MTL Subtank

1 x 1.5ohm MTL Coil

1 x 1.8ohm MTL Coil

1 x QC USB Cable

1 x Spare Parts Bag

1 x Pyrex glass tube

1 x instructional Manual

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