SMOK Rolo Badge
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SMOK Rolo Badge

The SMOK Rolo Badge is the best air-driven vape on the market!

This vape is completely air-driven, so you don’t need to worry about buttons or it turning on in your pocket. You also don’t have to worry about prematurely burning our your coils, as it will only turn on while you are using it.

Another great thing about the SMOK Rolo Badge is its durability. Because the battery is made of steel and the tank is made of plastic, you can drop this vape all you like and it will just shrug it off. No more broken glass.

The SMOK Rolo Badge has an incredibly smooth and flavourful taste, with clouds that make this inconspicuous vape really stand out of the crowd!

SMOK Rolo Badge

Leaking vapes are a thing of the past with the unique SMOK Rolo Badge tank. You simply lift the rubber seal, insert your e-juice, then close the rubber seal holding all the juice safely in the tank. No more leaking rubber seals on glass tanks, and no more leaking coils through the air intake. These really are the perfect vape for your pocket.

With a sexy badge design, lightweight, small size, and durable vape like this one in your pocket, you’ll be the proud to show off your pocket toy.

We currently have 6 colours to choose from.

The SMOK Rolo Badge is completely rechargeable. You don’t have to replace the coils in this tank, you simply replace the entire tank! We have replacement tanks at Value Vapes for only $7! These tanks will last just as long any coil in other vapes, making your entire expense $7.50 every 2-3 weeks!

On Box Description:

Look at this exquisite ROLO Badge, shaped like a brilliant emblem, it is the symbol of identity and honor! It presents the nobleness, elegance and simplicity. ROLO Badge is your passport to travel around the vaping world. Whether in a casual party, a club, a bar or at family parties, gathering with friends, or hiking in the country, just show your ROLO Badge, you can start out your wonderful vaping journey straight away! This stealthy mod just fits into the palm of your hand with comfortable hand feeling. The kit includes two air-driven pods with the e-liquid capacity of 2ml, which will bring you unprecedented smooth flavor and simple operation. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

Kit Includes:

1 x ROLO Badge Mod

1 x USB Cable

2 x Pod

1 x user Manual

1 x E-liquid Injection Bottle

For more detail please call us on 08 89470405 or visit us at Shop 4/63 Winnellie Road. Value Vapes.

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